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Lil Durk, Young Doe

Sun, April 2, 2017

7:00 pm

This event is all ages

No matter what is being supplied, a hustler is only as good as his word. With Atlanta serving up some of the hottest product in the rap game, native son Young Jeezy stands as one of the most exciting merchants of cool to emerge in years. Thanks to underground testimonials like "Air Forces" and "Chuuch," Jeezy's street swagger and authentic style has quickly made believers out of some the biggest players in the game, from Fabolous to P. Diddy.

In his native Atlanta, and throughout the south, Young Jeezy has created nothing short of a movement. Like many hustlers on the mic, rapping wasn't in Jeezy's original game plan. As CEO of Corporate Thug Entertainment, Jeezy was content to stack his paper from the background.

"Basically, I'm a real nigga so I can relate more to a lot of cats," Jeezy says of his appeal. " I don't just do music for the clubs, I do music for the struggle. I do music for everyday niggas, the kids who ain't got no sense of direction. I'm trying to restore some of the morals back into the game, as far as the street."

What sets Young Jeezy's music apart is his ability to bring color and flash to a story that has been told so many times before. He's a true digital age artist who doesn't need 16 bars to develop a picture in your head. When he snaps off a verse the image is simple enough for everyone to feel it instantly.
Lil Durk
Durk Banks was born October 19, 1992 & he better known by his stage name Lil Durk is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is signed to the major record label Def Jam and French Montana's Coke Boys imprint. Lil Durk has always been one of the most consistent members of the Chicago drill scene, but was overshadowed by Chief Keef's monstrous hype. With Keef now operating in weirder and more low-key territory, Durk has risen as the city's current flagbearer of street rap. His single "Dis Ain't What You Want," which arrived as a stronger and more paranoid update of his already terrific "L's Anthem," captured a lot of attention, and his full length, Signed To The Streets delivered on the promise of the track. Durk proved he could handle an entire project solo, and refined his triumphant yet world-weary croon.
Young Doe
Young Doe
Always outspoken and ambitious, Charles "Young Doe aka Charles Truth" McClure has grown up Hip Hop. As a youngster you could find him beat boxing and break dancing, a true product of the eighties.Then at age 10 he started rapping. Even at this tender adolescent age he was very business minded and realized he could put his beat boxing and rhyming to use as an artist. Young Dozja, as he was called back then, produced his first beat when he was 12. Three years later he joined forces with Boozilla and they created the Elite empire. A street savvy teenager who could write, rap, produce and record music in his own studio even caught the attention of Underground legend CBO at age 15 who promised to sign him. However, Young Doe was arrested and sentenced to serve time in a juvenile facility where he and Travis "Analiza Slim" Veasley created MNLD or the mob. MNLD means M.O.B Niggas Livin Decent. M.O.B means money over bitches a philosophy that became a core value to the group. When the two were released in 1997 they dropped what some consider to be the best compilation ever: Street Stars Affiliated. This was the first retail ready CD that anyone in the Montbello community they lived in had ever produced. Prior to the CD Held Back in the Game cassette tapes and t-shirts were being sold at Montbello High School and the buzz around MNLD just swelled. Riding off the success of the first two projects in 1998 Somethin Terrible hit. Young Doe's very first solo album Somethin Terrible put him on center stage. He continued to produce most of MNLD's tracks and completed a duet with Analiza Slim entitled, Controversy before getting incarcerated in a federal penitentiary. While in the federal institution, he was able to have his Starvation and Times is Real album released with the help of good friend and fellow bandmate Cac and other members of the mob. In 2004, after serving 4 years he re-entered society ready to get back on the grind and prove that he was a hard hitter. He wrote a novel in jail and several stories that he was able to get published including his award winning book Welcome to the Maze. Tragically MNLD members Cac and Ike were shot in September of 2005. Cac's injuries proved to be fatal and Ike was left temporarily paralyzed. With two of his best friends unable to chase the dream they all had envisioned, Young Doe stood up and took the lead by dropping some much needed mob music. Broken Home was his first album to hit streets in a few years and once again he was actively promoting the CD and DVD combination with everything from fliers to t-shirts and cigars. This Montbello merchandising maintained the staus quo as well as promoted the entire Elite Entertainment Group.The I'm So Fresh mixtape with DJ Ktone gave him a larger audience and he followed that up with an unprecedented move. He released an album and novel called Welcome to the Maze both which were sold separately but were an essential part of the package and movement that Elite Entertainment had become. In 2006 Elite went on a promotional tour across the country stopping in Georgia, the Carolina's, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri with acts such as Crime Mob, Fabalous and more. He has collaborated with top notch artists such as Young Noble, Bizzy Bone, Killa Tay, CBO, Rich the Factor, Marvaless, Jacka, Sky Balla and 4ize. He also has a strong stage background, performing live with Young Buck and CBO and opening up for T.I. Rick Ross, Twista,Trillville, Bonecrusher and Devin the dude. A Montbelllo Mogul like Russell Simmons, Young Doe has proved he is a hard working driven young man who refuses to stop making music and money.
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Summit Music Hall
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80208