Pig - Prey and Obey Tour

Pig - Prey and Obey Tour

Ghostfeeder, Julien-K, DJ Slave1

Fri, July 7, 2017

7:00 pm

$30.00 - $55.00

This event is all ages

Raymond Watts (also known as Nainz, Nainz Watts, and Ray Scaballero) is the founding member of the post-industrial music project PIG, sometimes written as .
Organic heart. Electronic music.

Electronic/ synth-pop from Tampa, Florida.
Electronic music group formed by Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh (both formerly of the band Orgy), and Anthony Valcic.
The line-up of Julien-K teamed with singer Chester Bennington to form the group Dead By Sunrise.
DJ Slave1
Denver based DJ specializing in Industrial/EBM/Darkwave/Synthpop/Electro & other stompy-shake-your-ass-beats! Slave1 has been one of the DJ pillars of the dark alternative music scene for over 17 years with an immense resume that covers almost every Denver nightclub past & present!
Current DJ residencies: Ominous on 2nd Fridays at Tracks Nightclub, SIN SUNDAYS every Sunday at The Church, MIXTAPE Saturdays at Milk Bar, and every Wednesday at Milk Bar.
DJ Slave1 has recently been DJing in LA several times a year and is a founder of "Poltergeist Palace a Las Vegas Hotel Takeover" this Nov 17 & 18th!
Venue Information:
Summit Music Hall
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80208