The Fixx / The Romantics

KOOL 105 Presents

The Fixx / The Romantics

Tue, August 1, 2017

7:00 pm

$17.50 - $75.00

This event is all ages

The Fixx
The Fixx
The Fixx are an English rock band formed in London in 1979, initially calling themselves Portraits.

Initially formed by college friends Cy Curnin (vocals) and Adam Woods (drums), the pair recruited keyboardist Rupert Greenall, guitarist Tony McGrail and bassist Charlie Barret.
The group released 2 singles under the name The Portraits.

In 1980, McGrail left and was replaced by guitarist Jamie West-Oram and changed their name to The Fix, then The Fixx, as their new label, MCA was worried about the potential drug-user implication of the band's name.

Cy Curnin
Jamie West-Oram
Rupert Greenall
Adam Woods
Dan K. Brown
The Romantics
The Romantics
American power pop and new wave band formed in 1977 in Detroit, Michigan.
Lineup: Wally Palmar (guitar, lead vocal), Mike Skill (lead guitar, vocals), Rich Cole (bass) & Brad Elvis (drums).
Venue Information:
Summit Music Hall
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80208